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MACHO Engineering Industries is well equipped with advanced infrastructure which includes, manufacturing, research and development, quality testing, warehouse and packaging units. Today with over 50,000+ square foot of manufacturing facility and dedicated employees, MACHO Engineering Industries (MEI) with its fully equipped tool room, state-of-the-art equipments and CNC production centers has been able to help our customer get customized manufacture precision parts according to their requirement.

MACHO manufacturing facility is equipped with the most modern high-speed machineries and highly-skilled workforce to innovate and create the products. Our tool & die shop has the ability to design and create a prototype to verify that the product design meet the customer's requirement prior to fabricating the final product. For technical guidance, our sales engineers are of valuable resources for helping the customers with product specifications and manufacturing processes that ensure the highest quality at a very affordable cost.

All MACHO facilities are compliant to a variety of quality systems and certifications. We provide solutions to supply for large runs, short runs and prototypes of custom components. We often work with our client engineers to offer designing assistance to help reduce costs and provide suggestions so that the components perform to their best ability. Our in-house engineers and staff are one of the most experienced in the industry, and have advised on mission critical parts deployed in thousands of applications in different industries.

MACHO help customer by review their metal form or spring design, application and other requirements to offer advice and insight into the manufacturing process and part functionalities. We provide recommendations to our customers on ways to lower costs and improve performance of the products. MACHO provide ongoing customer support throughout the order process, so that the customers parts are delivered on time and at affordable cost.

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