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As a leading manufacturer in the custom spring and wire form manufacturing, engineering and design, we pride ourselves on delivery the best quality of products and solutions at very competitive prices to reputable manufacturers around the world. MACHO Engineering Industries has strong ties with every industries, whether it's a standard product or a highly-customized product, we provide the solutions to the best of our skills to satisfy the diversified needs and requirements of our customers.

We have efficiently produce components parts for various industries like - automotives, aerospace, textiles, electrical, hydraulic oil filters, toy manufacturers, mattresses & furniture manufacturer and pen manufacturers, etc.  Our latest manufacturing equipment and advanced quality processes provide maximum compliance to specifications and produce minimal waste, so our customers receive the highest quality parts at low prices.

Our in-house capabilities helps us to manufacture the product you need on time and within the prescribed budget. Below is the list of the industries that we have served since our inception. In case, you don't see an industry that does not match your company's needs, feel free to get in touch with us and we will more than happy to discuss and provide a custom solution for your project or application.

Automotive: We have a very strong ties with the automotive industry. We help our customers in manufacturing a wide range of quality automotive components which are used in a variety of mission critical applications, where performance, reliability and life-span are essential. Our automotive springs, wire forms and stampings are produced using a variety of materials, often selected based on the application and environment. Most of the automotive components produced at our facilities undergo a secondary processes, such as heat treatment and powder coating to maximize their capabilities and performance.

Aerospace: We have been helping our aerospace industry customers to producing aerospace springs and metal forms since inception.  We believe that many aerospace applications have unique challenges, and require a highly dependable performance based components, in very harsh environments like corrosive surroundings, unique atmospheric pressures and with conditions not found on earth. We have an extensive quality control testing in process which helps us to analyse the products that we create for aerospace industries with strictest quality standards.

Textiles: Our diverse array of high-speed manufacturing capabilities allows us to uniquely serve the demands of our textile customers. We have helped our customers in creating custom manufactured parts to keep them ahead of their competitions every time by giving their components a extra lifespan and edge to perform. We offer a full-line of secondary and finishing operations, including - heat-treatment, grinding, painting and more. We provide custom solutions that makes our parts easy to use in their productions.

Electrical: We understand our electrical customer's needs and requirements which helps us to supply with many components that help them to produce power and function in even the most precise and unique applications. We have help our customers in manufacturing some of the electrical components which are used in batteries, circuit boards, electrical testing equipments, lighting fixtures, terminals, wiring products, etc.

Hydraulic Oil Filters: We have worked closely by manufacturing a wide range of precision products which are used in heavy industrial, gas and oil industries. Our products are utilized in some of the world's harshest and most demanding environments, which require performance and reliability, even when operating in a caustic environments, dirty environments, extreme temperatures and extreme pressures.

And a few other industries like toy manufacturers, mattresses & furniture manufacturers, pen manufacturers, etc.

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